Birth Mark

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The Sacrifices Women Make Love is an experience that many people in today’s society desire in their life for many reasons. It is something that many people hold very dear to them. Many people make significant sacrifices to receive the approval and acceptance from those that they love; Nathaniel Hawthorne proved this in The Birth-Mark. What Georgiana did to prove her love to Aylmer was a clear example of the sacrifices she would have made. Love and self-esteem issues could have been the motives for Georgiana removing the birth-mark. These motives could also be why women in today’s society have similar procedures done, for similar reasons. Georgiana’s love for Aylmer could be why she chose to have the birthmark removed. Her love is so strong that she needs to make any sacrifices to prove her love to him. She states, “Either remove this dreadful Hand, or take my wr Continue...

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Despite her own feelings of the birth-mark, she is willing to have it removed in the name of love. This shows that she is truly in love with him and will do anything to gain his approval. Looking at today"tms perception of beauty as seen in popular magazines and on television, women of today are pressured into portraying the image of perfection, at any cost. This quote shows that Aylmer was lowering her self-esteem by telling her these negative things. Aylmer said, "No, dearest Georgiana, you came so nearly perfect from the hand of Nature"(Hawthorne 1262). Regardless if a woman is born in 1801 or 2001, there are similarities in the wants and needs of women. Many of these sacrifices are known to be dangerous and even life threatening, but it is still something that is done. Until there is a time where this can be considered normal, women will continue make any sacrifice that needs to be made to feel accepted. His negative expressions of it cause Georgiana to see herself as being unattractive. The thoughts of being single and the feelings of being lonely are not going to change. Despite the fact the women of today are stronger than Georgiana in 1846, there is still a big fear of being rejected. Failure to have this perfect image can result in rejection. The last reason that Georgiana could have wanted the birth-mark removed is because of the many self-esteem issues that she had.


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