Bless Me Ultima

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“Bless Me Ultima” In the book “Bless Me Ultima”, by Rudolpho Anaya, there were two families represented, the Marez family and the Lunas family. These two families were very different, but were brought together by the marriage of Gabriel Marez and Maria Lunas. Through the eyes of their son Antonio one may see the comparison of the two. The differentiation of these two families is very clearly noticeable, such as in their personalities, the expression of their religion, and their everyday ways of life. One can easily see the difference in their personality even down to the most basic things. The Marez’s are very free spirited, they do not like to have to worry about things. They can be seen mainly riding their horses around the llano. An example of this is shown in the book where Gabriel Marez speaks of his move to Guadeloupe at the birth of his son, Antonio. I Continue...

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They are wanderers, they would like to just roam throughout the land. They are farmers, so they stay in one place to grow their crops, and are very land oriented. In this dream he says, "Then the silence was shattered with the sound of hoof beats; vaqueros surrounded the small house with shouts and gunshots, and when they entered the room they were laughing and singing and drinking. They concentrate more on work and less on the free will that can be seen in the Marez family. They don't believe that God plays a very important part in their lives. In one of Antonio's dream's he describes his birth. n this he says, "The move lowered my father in esteem of his compadres, the other vaqueros who clung tenaciously to their way of life and freedom. Two families with such contrasting characteristics were brought together in this book. " On the other hand the Lunas are more down to earth. The Marez family are very restless people. They believe highly in God and everything else that is involved in the Roman Catholic religion. One not so serious about their religion and the other revolving around it. One can even see the differences through there everyday lives. " The Lunas, antithetically, are very tranquil, relaxed, and even tempered family.