Bless the Beasts and Children

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Bless the Beast and the Children, what was the point of this book? To show boys can go from immature: betwetter's, to cowboys. There were three main events that took place in Bless the Beast and children. The first one was at the beginning, when they decided to leave Box Canyon Boys Camp. Another was when they decided to steal a car. The last one is when they freed the Buffalo. Cotton, Teft, Shecker, Goodenow, Lally 1, and Lally 2, wanted to leave the camp because they felt they did not belong there due to all the torment they were receiving from the other campers. One day they decided to hike on horses and find a ride when they were in the city Continue...

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Them leaving the camp, stealing the car and setting the buffalo free was a trip to boost their ego. by either stealing a car or hitch-hiking. Afterwards they att4empted to steal their counselors car, but they feared it would make too much noise. Afterwards they sighted a truck at a local bar and stole that one. The first attempt did not work, yet the second one did. The last event was when they freed the Baffalo. At first, they attempted to steal a car. One night after all the hunters were asleep they decied to unlock the stables and free them. Cotton and the rest of the boys felt they that the killing was very humane, and they did not deserve to be killed. They first tried to confiscate a car at a motel, but a man drove up and started to unload his luggage. They then decided to lure them into the wilderness with hay, which led them to once again steal a car. They were watching an event that killed animals for no reason. They started off on horses but they felt it was too obvious and draw t! oo much attention, so they left the horses in the woods and attempted to steal a car.