Briar Rose

             In a nutshell: Briar Rose is the story of the Holocaust intertwined with the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty.
             The story begins with the death of the "Gemma," the grandmother of Becca. Through out Becca’s life
             Gemma told the story of Sleeping Beauty many times to her. Now, however, after making a promise to her
             grandmother, to find her past, the once insignificant fairy tale might be a clue to her actual past.
             Before her grandmother's death Becca had vowed to fulfill her grandmothers promise, which was
             to rediscover her origin. After the grandmother's death, Becca became intrigued in what she had found in a
             box Gemma left behind. In the box there were only vague clues about Gemma’s past. Drawn to the mystery
             of her grandmothers past, Becca continued to search for clues.
             After finding out what could be a lead to Gemma’s past, Becca decides to go to Poland were
             everything began. Once in Poland Becca tries to solve the mystery. When Becca goes to Joseph Potocki, a
             once close friend of Gemma, this is all answered There in Joseph Potocki's house Becca finds the shocking
             conclusion to her grandmother's past. Gemma's fairy tales were not all so make believe in the end.
             The story Joseph told was shocking. Gemma's past was darker than Becca thought. As Joseph told
             his story, Becca began to realize not only the significance of the story; but also what Gemma actually went
             through. The story explained Joseph’s and Gemma’s escape from the Holocaust. Joseph goes on to explain
             how he had saved Gemma by bringing her back to life, the escape from the concentration camps, and
             finally, freedom. After finding the truth Becca returns home content, knowing she has fulfilled her vow.
             What's so special: The book has a rich and intriguing story line. It uses the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty
             intertwined with the Holocaust to make an all most life like story, that keeps you reading for more. The

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