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Cable modems vs. DSL While the computer industry continues to grow, the need for higher speed internet access increases. Games and digital media both have the capability to be played over the internet. To perform decently, a higher speed internet connection is needed. Two types of high speed internet connections available to home users are cable modems and a Digital Subscriber Line (DSL). Cable modems run off of the pre-existing coaxial cable that is already wired in most homes for TV. DSL transfers data through existing phone lines and does not tie up the telephone line used for talking. They both are a lot faster than normal phone lines, but there are many variables to each that determine which may be better. These consist of the speed and reliability, the price for the setup and service, and the availability of the service. Cable modem service is a reasonable choice for a high speed internet connection. This service is usually controlled by the local cable company that runs the cable TV service. In Frederick, Adelphia is the company that distributes this service. The speed of an internet service is measured by how many bits per second it can transfer over the connection to the provider. Normal measurements are Continue...

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If a stable internet connection is more important, particularly for online gaming or a business, then DSL may be the better choice. Line interference called Electromagnetic Noise or "crosstalk" generated from other electronic devices interferes with DSL lines. The other type of high speed internet service available to home users is DSL. Cable modems and DSL differ in availability. The customer with DSL will end up paying more monthly, but a customer with cable will pay more for the setup. Customers using cable modems in the same area, usually share the same line the data travels through to the service provider. The cable company in Frederick, known as Adelphia, has chosen not to make cable modem service available in Frederick city. Cable modem speeds can range from 512 kbps to two Mbps download and 128 to 384 kbps upload. A DSL modem and network card is also required which is an additional 200. If the cable company decides not to offer service in one area, then it is not possible to have a cable modem there.


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