Should Same Sex Marriages Be Legalized

             The question of whether gay marriages should be legalized has been increasingly asked over the last few years. I strongly believe that they should be. A move like this would allow for greater equality in many aspects of life for homosexuals, and would also remove the negative stigma that looms around same sex couples. Banning same sex marriages is discrimination, and in a world that is striving for equality it is a huge step backward. Homosexuals should be allowed to marry the person whom they love, just as heterosexuals do. I will first give reasons why homosexuality is not immoral or wrong, and then address why same sex marriages should be legalized.
             The key reason why these negative beliefs towards homosexuality are so prominent in our culture is because of the great influence of the Bible. Some may say that the Bible has no effect on the lives of those who do not actively participate in Judaism or Christianity, but they are wrong. One look at our central laws will tell you that. Most of our laws today still have remnants of the Ten Commandments in them. Killing, stealing, and adultery have specific commandments condemning their practice. In addition, Sunday being a day of rest used to be prominent in out society. It was just a few years ago that stores were allowed to open on Sundays to sell their goods. To say that the Bible has no bearing on our beliefs is ignorance. It could be that if we had founded our societies on a different book all those years ago, we may have completely different views on all of these actions.
             If the Bible has a great influence on our beliefs, and the Bible says that homosexuality is wrong, isn’t that a good enough argument against homosexual marriages? I think not. Most of the laws that were set out have value because they protect the most basic rights of humans and many people agree on them. Most societies have adopted these laws because of the immense good and protection that the...

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