Carnival Corporation

             Carnival Cruise line is the largest of the cruise corporations. The second largest cruise line is Royal Caribbean and the third largest is Princess. Carnival competes with their competition by owning six other cruise lines. There are 46 cruise ships in the cruise industry. They are broken down as follows: 14-Carnival; 9-Holland America; 4-Windstar; 3-Airtours;
             7-Costa, and 8-Cunard Live Limited. Carnival competes by offering as little as a three-day cruise all the way up to a 104-day cruise.
             There are several ways in which Carnival is competitive. Firstly, Carnival is the largest cruise line in the world and on their 14 ships there are about 30,000 people vacationing at all times. There are four classes of ships ranging from a 2000 passenger ship to over a 1,000 passenger ship. The customer picks the one that is best for them. Out of the 14 ships they hit the most popular ports in East and West Caribbean, Bahamas, Baja Mexico/California and Alaska. There is even a ship available that is completely smokeless for all the non-smokers. The second reason Carnival is competitive is that they can take passengers to the hottest spots on a 3 to 16 day cruise to the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Mexican Riviera, Alaska, Hawaii, Panama Canal, and the Canadian Maritime Provinces. Carnival can do this because they own Holland America Line, Windstar Cruise, Cunard Line, and Seablown Cruise Line. Carnival will also offer to put passengers in one of their hotels when necessary. They offer discount airline rates because they have 26% interest in Airtours Pic.
             The third way Carnival competes is by their friendly, family-like atmosphere. Most of the employees have been with the corporation from 10 years up to 20 years. Low employee turnover and high employee moral has helped make them the largest and best cruise line in the world. Carnival offers in-house training for employees through workshops and seminars. They have also joined f...

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