Characteristics of Individual, Team, and Dual Sports

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Characteristics of Individual, Team, and Dual Sports The main and most obvious difference between these three kinds of sports is the communication work. If you play an Individual sport, you only have yourself to listen to and don’t have to cope with other’s ideas. Then, if you play with someone else, it ma Continue...

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This is where the word "teamwork" would come from. You have to have a lot of patience and very open-minded because everyone might have different ideas. kes it a little more complicated and you have to open to their ideas too, since they"tmre the other half of your team and have just as much thought as you do. Those are the people who would rather do Individual sports. The exact definition of teamwork is: "work done by several associates with each doing a part but all subordinating personal prominence to the efficiency of the whole". This can be viewed as the negative side of teamwork to those who are a little biased. Everyone in a team needs to be considerate and work with each other. Then again, the positive side about dual or teamwork is that there are others to rely on, so when in need, they can help and "save the ball".


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