Chemistry in Engineering

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Chemistry in Today’s Engineering In today’s society chemistry is greatly involved in the world of engineering. Whether it is aerospace, mechanical, environmental or other engineering fields the makeup of substances is always a key factor which must be known. Engineering today has morphed from only dealing with the physical aspect of the field into the theory behind the field. All engineering fields have unique bonds with the chemistry world. We will discuss many of these bonds in the pages to come. Aerospace Engineering: Being the most interesting field of engineering, and the fact that it’s my major we will talk about Aerospace Engineering first. Aerospace was devised so that we could further our knowledge in the field of aviation and space flight. When the Wright brothers designed their first fixed winged aircraft they had to understand the concepts of lift, drag, and thrust. Aerospace engineering deals in depth with these three concepts and more. With Boeing and other companies now producing aircraft as large and bigger than 747’s the engineers must find ways to make the planes lighter and more efficient as they become enormous. New alloys and metal compositions must be discovered and new forms of engines must be cre Continue...

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Electrical engineers are always looking for a way to make systems run faster and much more efficiently. Personally, I find it to be a boring field, but maybe you can find it to be interesting. Environmental Engineering: Another engineering field that deals intensely with chemistry is the environmental engineering profession. When I graduate in four or more years with my engineering degree, I will be flying for the United States Air Force. Chemistry will allow us to fly from one side of the earth to the other in less than an hour. They also try to keep costs down while making the card still run quickly. This is one of the jobs of engineering technology majors. Whether it is aerospace, mechanical, environmental or other engineering fields the makeup of substances is always a key factor which must be known. ated more powerfully and more efficient than ever before. Electrical Engineering: Well, now that five hours have gone by, I have finally hit the two thousand word mark. They make improvements by doing studies and seeing where improvements can be made. The aerospace engineering field and the chemistry field will work as one to create a more efficient system of flight. After! the item is entered into the computer, tests are performed that will show how the item will hold up to events such as temperature changes and air turbulence, cold nights and warms day, etc. This profession deals a lot with computers which use chemistry all of the time. Since engineering is the field that I am going to, I hope that these two areas of math will be around for a long, long time.


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