Men and Women Comparison

             In life, selected pairs of things are meant to be different; black and white, but the most obvious twosome a human being can think of is, none other than, a man and a woman. And even our society fashioned a rule saying that a man should avoid doing girl things at all costs in the same way a woman should never ever touch man’s work even in their dreams. Sense of priorities, field of strengths, and attitude towards relationship are the three things that set the characteristics of men and women apart.
             When it comes to priorities, men and women seem living in two different worlds. Women fix what men have come to destroy, figuratively of course. For men, life is time-running-out, like an hour glass that slowly transfers its soul to the other side. They believe that everyone will eventually die, so they end up doing things unplanned and in the paradigm of cavemen. In the end’s a deadline, so they do all sorts of things, well or bad (bad is more frequent), to change things and destiny until the time a certain fate would turn their switch off. Men are free spirits, believing that living is about carrying a canned good of guts while taking no direction at all. Women, on the other hand, perceive life as time-adding-up. Everything that happens in their life is like an entry listed on a planner. Organization is the main key in their life. There is so much time, like a clock whose hands rotate infinite times, and they do things synchronized, second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour. Women do not recede from the road they take, finding their purpose in life as they do every single thing the way it’s meant to be done. For example, the priority of a man and a woman while kissing is different. Men kiss before it’s too late, before he gets another woman for replace, but women do because it’s meant to deepen the relationship.
             In scientific terms, humans are ‘homo sapiens’; human beings belong to the same genus, ‘homo,’ but...

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