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Since the beginning of the universe, mankind has experienced more or less the power of colors, their relation to nature, their attribute and significance. Not only do colors characterize a society; they more importantly are at the essence of every thing. Color is a perception (from our eyes) that result from the complex characteristic of the light. Color is a significant element of our society but appears a complex notion to define because it is complicated to distinguish an object from its color and vice versa. The reason for which must be our poor knowledge in color terminology. Indeed, most of the early civilizations could not discern the lexical differences between an object and the color it was representing (This lexical issue drove some historians to wonder if certain civilizations were blind to specific colors). At the arising of the third millennium, both the perception and the definition of color seem an arduous task. Yet blue, as one of the primary color, illustrates from its history and its art representation how one color could be both so complex and meaningful. Blue is the color of fear for the painter Jacques Monory, the color of the coat of The Virgin Maria, the Levi-Strauss jean, the satellite images of earth. It Continue...

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The Blue Jeans contr! ibutes greatly to the popularity of blue. Colors are still determinant criteria in our society. Its history is abundant and astonishing. As we can see Blue did not have the priority in the color arising. The porcelain of Sevres was a manufacture in the eighteenth century. As one of the three primary colors, it is a major element of painting and art in general. For instance, numbers of philologers wonders if the Greek and the Romans could see the color blue because they did not have a word for it, they did not qualify the sea or the sky as blue but as an association of other colors. The color "mourning blue would be a good illustration to how blue take the place of black, the mourning color was believed black for a very long time in Occident although for "the Greek death was indicated by a deep blue, the color of the Attic sky, which extinguishes every other color and which like bad news, is not to be named (M. Even Homeric poems did not mention the color blue Besides the sky was said to be white, black or red and furthermore the sea was believed to be green (it is a very new fact to believe that the sea is blue). Religion gave also some answers to men who were questioning about colors. Blue, in France is also the porcelain of Sevres (small town outside Paris). Blue jeans are made of a material called Denims, which is the reduction of de Nimes (from Nimes, which is a town in France). In a few years the status of the color blue not only evolved but also changed, its economic value increased, its trend regarding fashion grew and its place in artistic creation became invasive. The whole social life was affected by these changes and surprisingly enough its rise could even be calculated thanks to the heraldic armories, which emerged in Europe at the time. To the questions what is your favorite color The more frequent answers are Blue, 80 per cent of the American states that blue is their favorite color and as Carlton Wagner pointed it out, this preference starts around six years old and do not change with time.


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