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When I first enrolled into college, I knew that it would not be an easy class. College is another step in the education process, and if it didn’t get harder I would be on the same level as someone in high school. Knowing this, I psyched myself into the learning mode of M118. I absolutely knew that I had to study hard and review consistently to be successful in M118. Math isn’t easy to come by. It is like learning a new process and applying it to specif Continue...

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The person who earns the grade is who should be responsible for what they do in class, not others. It showed areas that I needed to improve on. Along with the INCLASS Inventory, the InternalExternal Control Assessment has also helped me understand my competence in academic standing. Having the knowledge that I do now, after taking the INCLASS Inventory, I can achieve academic success easier. Now that I understand what I am capable of doing and improving in, I have catered a better learning style for M118. Not putting any effort into class work is not the right approach. Understanding what your not as strong in and knowing what your not strong in are completely different things. Taking the INCLASS Inventory helped me understand more about myself. Not only did X101 with conjunction of the PLS meetings help me learn this better, but it also has helped me apply my preaching. Actually getting involved in what needs to be done is a great way of learning. The InternalExternal Control Assessment shows that my effort is what I feel helps one to succeed.


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