Common Courtesy

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Today amongst people, a lack in common courtesy has evolved. This lack in courtesy not only is a lack of politeness to others, it also deals with ones lack of respect for themselves and human lives. There are several different types of respect and common courtesy. The way you treat yourself and the way that you treat others. On a normal day, I encounter at least 100 people. These people do not have to be people that I talk to, just merely someone that I look directly into the eye. Of these one hundred individuals, only 20% looked at me and smiled or said hi. This statistic may seem a little peculiar, but in reality, deals with a major problem facing today’s America... common courtesy and respect for others. Common courtesy today has ceased with many people. There have been many instances and occasions where another person could have extended a simple “hello” or even “thank you” to another person. However, hardly anyone extends these simple gestures to anyone. On rare occasions, you will find a sincere individual who sends out a warm “thanks” or “I’m sorry”. The way in which you treat yo Continue...

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I always tell myself, "tomorrow, I may need a favor from them, so today I will treat them good. It is not difficult to simply say "hi or "how are you, but many people struggle with these common courtesies. Common courtesy falls back on what you were brought up with, and what you know. I know that most of the rude people that I have known, have had unspoken problems with themselves. Many immature girls and guys have fun picking on others, but in reality, they are really hurting them. One of my biggest pet peeves about courtesy is when someone asks you a question, and then does not have the decency to listen to your answer or response. Pride definitely takes over and lets people think that they are so well liked that they do not need to apologize. Another courtesy problem that I have encountered is people who do not say they are sorry or thank you. When you treat others poorly, you begin a chain of unhappiness. urself plays a big part in how you will treat others. I look at people as an inconvenience to my life. If you have no respect for yourself, which many people today do not have, then obviously you will not treat others well. Everyone encounters this problem sometime, but most do not realize that they are not being thanked or apologized to. A perfect example would be when you are sitting telling your friend about your weekend, and all of a sudden, you are rudely interrupted with some new topic that has nothing at all to do with you.


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