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Communication Apprehension

COMMUNICATION APPREHENSION It all starts at a young age when you get associated with the quiet kids. Often you are the shy one in the class, but no one really thinks much of it. Then you move on to middle school and have a handful of friends, still though, you are not the popular one. After middle school you preparing for high school and classes take on a whole new dimension. You are asked to participate in class discussions and even work with others in a small group environment. In the past, everyone knew you as being quiet and shy, so when it comes to people choosing their group, you are not exactly on their priority list. This eventually leads to lower self-esteem and negative reinforcement. High school progresses and so does your fear of social situations such as public speaking and working in groups. Nevertheless, you pass with mediocre grades and eventually gain acceptance into college. Little do you know that your worst nightmare is just around the corner. You have to take a public speaking cou! rse to graduate from your university. Somehow you manage to live through college and your public speaking class, but the nightmare continues. Now you enter the real world and come to realize that in every job you apply for you have to go trough an interview, which is heavily, based on your communication skills. Your fear and shyness has now haunted you for 25 years but its more than a fear, it is a disorder and no one has helped you. Public Speaking is the number one fear of Americans today (Whitworth, Cochran, 1966). Unfortunately, public speaking is essential in almost everything we do now- a- days. It is perfectly natural to feel “butterflies in your stomach,” or sweaty hands right before you are going to speak in public, or even in a small group. But sometimes, the fear gets so intense that you cannot control it. You feel so much anxiety that you begin avoiding all situations that make you feel this way. This natural fear...

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