What a University Education Offers

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What A University Education Offers. A university education is an education that offers a student many courses to learn and it is an education that prepares a student to face the challenges out in the world today. It teaches a student values that he or she can use in everyday life. I agree with John Henry Newman, who is the author of “The Idea of a University”, with what he wrote about a university education is true. Jon Spayde, who wrote “Learning in the Key of Life”, I agree with him also. In the essay “The Idea of a University”, the author expresses his feelings on the importance of a university education. “It is a great point then to enlarge the range of studies which a University professes, even for the sake of the students…” (Newman 47). This illustrates that while a student is studying at a university, he or she can study whatever they wish. If the student does not like what he/she is studying, he/she can change their major. This also shows that a student is not trapped in studying something that they do not like. “…And, thought Continue...

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Some people think a university education is a waste of time. If a student chose to go to a technical school, the student will not learn as much as a student who went to a university. With this type of education a person can do what ever they want to do. When a person has a university education, that person makes more money than a person without an education. A person can get any job they want. At a university students are brought together. A person can also buy his or her own house; he or she will not have to live in an apartment. At a technical school a student will not learn about other subjects from their peers. they cannot pursue every subject which is open to them, they will be the gainers by living among those and under those who represent the whole circle (Newman 47). "The aim of slow knowledge is resilience, harmony, and the preservation of long-standing patterns that give our lives aesthetic, spiritual, and social meaning (Spayde 61). According to John Henry Newman a student can learn about the subjects that they did not take from their peers. Because a university education takes years to do, people dislike it; they would rather take the short cut and go to a technical school, which trains a person for one specific subject, that takes only a couple of months. If a person has a good job, he or she can have a family. "Talking about education..., like class, is about power (Spayde 60).


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