Death of a Salesman

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Death of a Salesman Authur Miller, born in New York City writes the play. He has been married three times, the second marriage being to Marilyn Monroe, the well-know American actress. Willy Loman has been a traveling salesman for Wagner Company for thirty-four years. He likes to think of himself vital to the New England territory. Long ago Willy met a salesman named Dave Singleton who would go into a town and pick up a phone without leaving his hotel room. When this man died, people from all over the country came to his funeral. This is whom Willy wanted to be Dave Singleton; this was also a part of the reason that Willy became a salesman. In the beginning of the play, Willy has just come back home after having left for New England that morning. He tells his wife, he just can't seem to keep his mind on driving anymore. He asks about his favorite son Biff, who has just come back home for a visit after being away for a long time. Willy son, Biff was considered to be an American dream teenager. Biff was a great football player; many universities offered him scholarships. But during that year Biff failed math and had gone to Boston to tell his father the devastating news. When Biff reaches Willy¡¦s hotel room in Bos Continue...

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He is much less self-assured than his brother Happy. Later in the play we find out that Willy has been borrowing fifty dollars every week for quite sometime, pretending the amount to be his salary. It is as though Willy knew that he was a failure and was living mainly through his sons, especially Biff. Unlike, Biff he wants to think less then who he really is. Biff and Happy meet in the restaurant, Biff explains that he has been living an illusion. As for Authur Miller, it is fairly clear to us that he cannot breath in his marriage causing for Willy's death in the end. To suffer fifty weeks of the year for the sake of a two-week vacation, when all you really desire is to be outdoors, with your shirt off. If Willy had the proper communication skills the tragedy might have been prevented. However, when they were young Happy had always been much less successful than Biff. He puts on a mask when he is around his family members. Willy's idol Dave Singleman was able to stay in his hotel room, where he telephoned buyers and sold a tremendous amount of merchandise without leaving his room. After this episode Biff has held a grudge against his father and could never again bring himself to trust his father.


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