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The Akita or Akita-inu is the heavy-duty work-dog of Japan. Named for the province of Akita on Honshu Island, this breed was used to hunt bear, boar, and deer and as a protector of life and limb. Inu translates to “dog” in Japanese. The Akita is the largest of the eight dogs regarded as being indigenous to Japan. The Akita eventually came to be used as cattle herders and seeing eye dogs, sled dogs and as police dogs. They were also used to baby sit children while their mothers worked in the fields. The Akita is very loyal, yet remains independent. This large and powerful dog has a thick short-haired coat and a large, curled bushy tail. They have erect ears. They are faithful and devoted to their Continue...

It vocalizes with many interesting sounds, but it is not an excessive barker. This dog should also be supervised with children and other family pets. Most of the coat loss will only take a few weeks to get out with warm baths and regular raking and brushing of the coat. The Akita is obedient, but sometimes spontaneous. They are capable of rage, but with firm training can make a good pet. If your potential Akita is to live in the house, then you must be prepared for the coat loss. family, making an excellent first class guard dog. Hair on the bottom of the feet should be trimmed to preserve the characteristic tight "cat foot of the breed. The Akita can be aggressive towards other canines and should be kept on a tight leash when around strange dogs. The Akita needs to be with its family. It is very willful and needs firm training and socialization as a puppy. No trimming or shaving of the coat hair is required or recommended. Obedience training requires patience, these dogs get bored quickly. This will also promote the growth of the new coat more quickly.