Reckless driving

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They have the windows up, their favorite musical note blasting through the speakers, they check to make sure that bottle of Bacardi is tucked low in the back seat, don’t care to look back and stomp the gas and pass by every tail light that approaches. Your teenager thinks they are free. So eager minded, little do they know that teenage drivers are rated the highest percentage of drivers to be involved in a traffic accident. There is a pattern of passenger distraction, drug use, and the most frequent, alcohol use among these teenage driven related accidents. The parents of today’s teens are so blinded to this fact. So you think your teen will think twice when getting in the car with a friend who has been drinking? They just might do that if they know that “when someone with a Blood Alcohol level of .15 (about four to seven drinks per hour for the average teen) is 380 times more likely to die in a single vehicle crash than a sober person”. Statistics reveal that eight young people a day die in alcohol-related crashes. Many of these deaths occur in the spring and summer months when youth activities including prom night and graduation parties present occasions for some teenagers to experiment with alcohol (Rehoboth polic Continue...

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Most just drive with one hand on the wheel so the other can fiddle with the CD deck, such as changing the song or finding a radio station. He never imagined the school bus driver of the bus he ran into at a high rate of speed would turn when he tried to pass the bus like he would pass any other car on the road. So the next time your teen tells you "I"tmm going to drive to the mall", how do know if they will come home safely, how can you ensure yourself that your teen knows responsible driving. The best answer is you do not know, it"tms the only for sure answer you can give yourself. Many young adults don"tmt think about what can happen while they are drinking, they are so caught up in that time of happiness with friends at that hip party they are attending. 4 million arrests are made annually for driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. When it comes to blasting that favorite compact disc, chatting away on the "celly", eating that McDonalds, or even talking to passengers in the car, teenage drivers are unaware or just do not care that everything they do in the car can effect the outcome of how they drive. Speeding is a major concern that every parents faces. No matter how many times his parents told him, his girlfriend told him, or his closest friends told him that he needs to be aware that he is not invincible and that he can not expect to live long if he continues to drive this erratically. They will forever live with the implanted thought in their brain they are invincible to any threat on the road. With so many advances in car stereos becoming better and louder and the got-to-talk whenever attitude using cell phones, and involving themselves in the passengers conversations make these drivers more harmful to accidents and death every day. There is no knowing for sure how the outcome will be. They become consumed in the loud music that any outside noise becomes deaf to their ear, meaning that if something is happening around them they may look right past it not knowing what dangers lay around them. The engine is revving at the highest of rpms and the peddle is pushed hard into the floor. You can not have to much control of a car with just one hand.


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