Death penalty should not be abolished

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The death penalty, probably the most controversial of all legal punishments for prisoners, it’s the one that I have to write about now. For some people is the perfect solution as a punishment, for others it’s a cruel way to take revenge. Let’s take a look to the penalty. What it basically is about is to take the worst scum of society and by any means kill it (because can be male or female). The penalty has many ways to take effect, there is the electrical chair, in which a 20,000 or more volt current is passed through the body until the individual dies; the gas chamber which basically the prisoner is seated in a small chamber and then the chamber is then flo Continue...

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For me the best way was the execution method because on the lethal injection method, the prisoner is put down to sleep before he dies, so he doesn"tmt feel a thing. Now, people say "Oh! Poor guy" or "It didn"tmt meant to do it, spare his life" but they are only seeing the half filled glass, because on the other side of the story, the prisoner could have killed a 6 month old baby or raped a 7 year old girl, before killing her, so it would be a life filled with tension moments for the parents of the victim only to know that the killer or rapper is still alive and could escape or get free on parole and strike again. oded with toxic gas; and like this there are many ways. The most amazing story of a prisoner who still is alive and, if it weren"tmt for the state abolition of this penalty, he would be executed, is the famous Charlie Manson story. In Guatemala we"tmve had only two ways of death penalty, execution and lethal injection. The most hateful thing that there is about not performing the death sentence is that there is no console for the victim"tms family that the responsible is paying to society their debts, because it could get free and strike again. He tortured and killed thirteen persons in one night, including 2 Hollywood stars. He got life in prison and the family of the victims, right now; it"tms probable that they hate the justice system of the state. Instead in the execution method, in spite of it"tms an ugly scene, the prisoner felt every shot that were like fifteen shots. Death penalty should not be abolished, and this isn"tmt just to punish the responsible for the crime, but to assure that the victim"tms family has comfort for the moments they had lived because of this person, and that the person won"tmt be committing any new crimes in the future.


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