Divorce, right or wrong?

             In today's society people are getting married and start families much more often then they used to in the past. In contrast, there is a rapidly rising number of divorces, which I think, relates to the increase in the number of marriages. After careful consideration, if a spouse decides that it will be best to get a divorce, he or she should have the ability to do so without judgment or limitations enforced by others.
             Some people oppose divorce, and believe that all problems can be solved in order to maintain family's stability. If divorce is so awful, why do people choose that alternative so often? It would be hard to choose to continue living with an unloving, hateful, and in many cases abusive partner for so many more years to come. Before making a decision to divorce, however, many questions must be asked and answered. Is the marriage really bad, or is it only what you make of it? Do you think you are able to choose a better partner for yourself than the one you already have? What are the consequences to others, especially children? If negatives overweight the positives, a divorce is the right solution.
             Many argue that following the divorce of the parents, children are the ones who suffer more. They claim that a child's behavior, academic success and general live style takes a bad turn, but is the abuse (both physical or emotional), the spouses unhappiness, and unloving family what will make a child suffer less when they are together? It is unavoidable, of course, that it is very hard for the child to cope with the divorce in the period right after it occurred, but as time passes, he or she will become more accustomed to the situation. As long as a child has one loving and supportive parent, he or she will be just fine. In addition, the custody rights will allow the child to spend time with both parents. The academic success of the children might be slightly affected by the family split in the beginning, but if they have the d...

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