Boys and girls should attend separate schools.

             The role of the woman in society has changed radically through the ages and unlike in the past, now she has equal rights with the man. She works hand in hand with him and most importantly studies along with him. That is why I think that boys and girls should attend coeducational schools for many different reasons.
             I believe that students of both sexes should study together, because a boy can actually learn more about the girl and her nature and vice versa. For example, in my school, which is coeducational, each class is formed of 13 girls and 13 boys, which creates a perfectly enjoyable environment to work in. We, boys, learn many things about the opposite sex. For example, how they dress, how they respond to certain questions, how they talk between each other and etc. The point is that, as we study in one and the same school background, we actually spend most of our time together and we exchange in this way experience, knowledge and thus we form in a way some kind of relationship between us.
             Furthermore, as we study together we learn how to work in a team with girls and vice versa. This is very important, because we actually learn how to cooperate with the opposite sex and in this way we are prepared for the life after school. There is no job on Earth today that does not involve a woman. What is more, working along with men, women become more efficient and thus the work is ameliorated.
             In conclusion, I believe that coeducation is the best way for boys and girls to get prepared for the real life after school and to learn how to work in team with the opposite sex, so that results will be better.

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