Arthur Miller “Death of a Salesman”

             Arthur Miller “Death of a Salesman”
             Arthur Miller’s “Death of a Salesman” is a play about Willy Loman’s
             life and it takes place in 1928 (in Willy’s memories) and 1948. As you
             have already figured out, the main character is Willy Loman. I want to
             write about his dream which is also an American dream; the dream that
             Willy was living in, the vision of making big money, having beautiful,
             talented and athletic children and a lovely loyal wife, basically being
             successful in every possible way (except spiritually or intellectually)
             As we can see in Willy’s memories, he started his vision of life when
             his two sons Biff and Happy were in high school. He was working as a
             Salesman and had quite a good income. His wife Linda was loyal and
             obedient. Everybody liked him, especially his kids. Willy was like a model
             for them. Biff and Happy played football and were really good at it. He
             was so proud of them that he didn't really care about Biff’s problems, such
             as when Biff stole a football or had problems in math. Willy always
             taught Biff and Happy that when a man has a good appearance and makes
             a good impression, he can achieve everything. But as we can see the reality
             is different. The model and great example for Willy was his brother Ben.
             Willy to Biff and Happy: “Boys! Boys! Listen to this. This is your uncle
             Ben, a great man! Tell my boys, Ben!”. Than Ben responds: “When I was
             seventeen I walked into the jungle, and when I was twenty-one I walked
             out. And by God I was rich” And Willy again: “You see what I have been
             talking about? The greatest things can happen!” Willy thought that
             anyone could get rich like his brother if he were smart and knew how to
             get along in business. Willy was living this dream and though it was going
             to last forever. He had hard work, because as a salesman he had to travel

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