Discuss that the imperialism should not exist

             Imperialism is the practice of gaining colonies for money, trade, political, power. European wants Africa under development. They stop Africa from creating new market. For example, British and India had textile industry; British did not want competition of India. With its control, India had to buy England textile. Therefore, India cannot produce its own textile market.
             Europeans prevent other countries from creating their own market. Just because of competition for textile, British use its own power to put textile India industry down. Therefore, these poor and small countries are not able to stand their feet up.
             European countries first came to Africa to view the nature beauty. Then they realize that Africa is rich in natural resources that their countries do not have. Then they began to colonize Africa. For example, British is
             an industrialized country. It required many resources for industrialized companies, but it does not have enough resources in its own country. Instead of buying these resources from other countries, it colonized Africa to get these resources without buying it. Not only have those, nations in Europe competed to colonize expansion on Africa. Countries in Africa were not an advanced, powerful enough to stop European army. The “scramble for Africa” began when Henry Stanley claimed the Congo River valley for Belgium. France claimed Algeria and built the Suez Canal. Britain took Egypt in order to control the canal, which is important to shipping the resources back to their countries. Britain defeats the Boers to control of the rich resources in southern Africa. Cecil Rhodes became rich from Kimberly diamond field.
             Just because of natural resources that they control Africa. They should not do that. That interfere other country rights. By using their power, Europeans countries can do whatever they want. They should not take over the countries resources without paying money for that. That is not right. Ju...

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