Discuss that the imperialism should not exist

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Imperialism is the practice of gaining colonies for money, trade, political, power. European wants Africa under development. They stop Africa from creating new market. For example, British and India had textile industry; British did not want competition of India. With its control, India had to buy England textile. Therefore, India cannot produce its own textile market. Europeans prevent other countries from creating their own market. Just because of competition for textile, British use its own power to put textile India industry down. Therefore, these poor and small countries are not able to stand their feet up. European countries first came to Africa to view the nature beauty. Then they realize that Africa is rich in natural resources that their countries do not have. Then they began to colonize Africa. For example, British is an industrialized country. It required many resources for industrialized companies, but it does not have enough Continue...

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They just use people money for their own. However, some people are catholic; the government does not like it. When Europeans has too much power, they start to civilize Africa into westernize, they do not give African people has their choice of choosing the religion that they believe. Britain defeats the Boers to control of the rich resources in southern Africa. France claimed Algeria and built the Suez Canal. They should give back independence to Africa. Just like in my country, the government is communism, so the small group of people controls the country. Not only that, they believe in Buddhist, therefore, they only want people to believe what they believe. However, I think that they should buy and pay for all these resources by selling their goods abroad, like trading goods. Instead of buying these resources from other countries, it colonized Africa to get these resources without buying it. The "scramble for Africa began when Henry Stanley claimed the Congo River valley for Belgium. Colonies became a source of pride. That interfere other country rights. They should not steal other countries properties because it is an ashamed act.


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