Themes in Romeo and Juliet

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Final Theme- Romeo and Juliet A theme is a central idea in a piece of writing. Many plays have themes that are necessary in the play as well as being significant and capturing the main ideas. In the play Romeo and Juliet by, William Shakespeare the themes that are necessary are misunderstanding and miscommunication. Keeping the secret of marriage of Romeo, a member of the Montague family and Juliet, a member of the Capulet family causes a misunderstanding in the Capulet family. Understandably, Juliet doesn’t tell her family that she has married Romeo since he is a member of the rival Montague family. If the Capulet family were to know about the marriage they wouldn’t force their daughter to marry Paris, a friend of the Prince. Capulet has little c Continue...

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hoice but to understand Juliet"tms refusal to marry Paris as unreasonable, and he thus pushes her into the marriage with Paris. These themes help the play literate the book in a unique way which helps describe the play. This causes Romeo to obtain poison and kill him as well as Juliet. If Paris had known that Juliet has already married someone he wouldn"tmt want to marry her anymore. An example to show how miscommunication is taken place in Romeo and Juliet is where the Friar tells Friar John, who is supposed to deliver Friar Laurence"tms message to Romeo that says that Juliet is not really dead, but never makes it to Romeo due to an outbreak of plague. Miscommunication is also significant and necessary in the play Romeo and Juliet. He is then closed up in a quarantined house and therefore not allowed to leave Verona. Themes can be positive or negative depending on the way someone were to look at them. Also, Romeo"tms servant, Balthasar doesn"tmt know the whole plan and only sees Juliet"tms body in the tomb and so he assumes that she is dead and goes off to tell Romeo of what he has seen. Another example of misunderstanding is where Romeo misunderstands that Juliet is dead. Also, if the Capulet family had known about this marriage, Tybalt, a member of the Capulet family would not have fought with Romeo and hence, Romeo would not have been banished from Verona. Major themes help understand the main ideas as well as foreshadow them in the case of an audience. If Friar Laurence was smart he should have sent two people with the message because this would have avoided the assumption of Romeo"tms servant, Balthasar and would have saved Romeo and Juliet"tms life. If Friar Laurence had not developed his weak plan of Juliet acting as though she is dead and once the Capulet family puts her in to their vault that Romeo and the Friar would come and get her so they could escape, but unfortunately that did not happen and because of the weak plan Romeo and Juliet could still have been alive.


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