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Teenage pregnancy is a big problem now, these days. The big question is though, abortion or parenting? Once a teen is diagnosed pregnant she has the huge decision to make whether she should keep the child and go on being a mother, or have an abortion and not deal with the problem at all. The options are which path to take. The two paths you have to choose from are having the child and being a teenage parent or having an abortion. There are many advantages and disadvantages to both of these paths. Getting rid of the whole situation is on of the advantages to having an abortion. Sometimes when the teen is diagnosed pregnant she automatically goes into a panic and doesn’t know what to do. When she doesn’t think she can deal with a child at the young age she is at, her advantage would be to get an abortion. Another advantage is relief from parenting. There are more advantages to keeping the baby rather than killing the baby by aborting it. If the girl chooses to go on with her pregnancy she will get to watch the child grow and mature. Also, she will be preparing herself for one of the greatest, most rewarding experience ever. That experience is knowing and seeing a new life come into the world. Knowing that this baby can make a difference in the world is a wonderful feeling. Disadvantages to parenting, include that it may tie the girl down from her social life. Once the baby is born there is many new responsibilities to deal with such as giving the baby her undying love, emotional support, and all of its physical needs. If she is a young teen that may mean dropping out of high school. If she drops out that most likely means she will not succeed with a good job because she is left with a out a required high school diploma and college education. There are many disadvantages to having an abortion! For starters, there is many physical risks that come with abortions. The girl may have a punctured uterus, damage to other organs,...

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