Women in Song Lyrics

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WOMEN IN SONG LYRICS “I said it must be ya ass cause it ain’t ya face.” This is a quote from a very popular song today by Nelly about a woman. Objectification of women in song lyrics is something mostly used in hip hop. It has become a “cool” thing to degrade women through song lyrics. There are several artists today that use this as a tool to sell their music; the three that I will focus on are Nelly, Ja Rule, and Outkast. There are also those artists who challenge this degrading of women. One of these artists is Christine Kane. Nelly is a very popular hip hop artist today, whose music is very well known. Nelly’s song, “Tip Drill,” is a song completely about the objectification of women. It includes lyrics such as, “It must be ya money, cause it ain’t ya face…..I got you payin my bills and buyin automobiles…..I know you a trick go spend that shit,” “turn that ass up mama put that dip in ya back,” “now baby girl bring it over let me spit my pimpjuice,” “I need a freak to hold me tight….for seven days and seven nights….I need a freak that will not choke….let me stick it down her ohhh,” and the chorus, “I said it must be ya ass cause it ain’t ya face.” This song is Continue...

your lips, your smile, your hips, those thighs.... Now moving on to Ja Rule, he has a song called "Mesmerize that uses objectification of women as one of the main points of the song. The lyrics include, "But this is MTV you know and that is how the music goes...and all the male guitarists think she's great...they believe that girls like this actually do exist, "Maybe these are fantasies...maybe you have a right to these...baby I'll just break this gently there's no such thing as girls like that, "I'll leave you with this simple fact...my favorite girls are women that are not afraid to cry and laugh and eat some food that's high in fat...can change your oil, fix your flat...can say some prayers and blaze a path and I'll just say on their behalf there's no such thing as girls like that. In the song "Roses they are describing a girl who thinks that her "shit don't stank, and that she "is the reason for the word bitch. This image is not only portrayed with song lyrics, but with commercials, movies, and magazines. There is an overall unrealistic image of women in the world today. Nelly gives out the message that it is admirable for men to live off women, where as Outkast is saying that women are disgraceful for trying to live off men. Other lyrics in the song include, "Well she's got a hotty body, but her attitude is potty. I wanna see ya support bra not support you. When you compare Nelly's message that that of Outkast you see that there is a double standard. It is telling women that they are simply an object for the man's enjoyment. It is showing them that they do not need to have any respect for women. sending listeners the idea that a woman's face does not matter as long as she has money or a nice body. There are several other artists today that objectify and degrade women.