Racism in Television

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Beginning with the first television program ever broadcasted lasting up to the most recent program; racism has been a prevalent issue in American television. Stereotypical roles in society have been excessively exaggerated by television programs, keeping racism alive and breathing in America. The careful selections of ethnicities in role casting have had an exceptionally large impact on American society. Young television viewers are learning at an early age about race and discrimination and are witnessing the ugly impacts of these issues. The television industry is not only a competitive one, but money is priority number one. The best money making program with the best ratings will most always win out. What goes on behind the making of our favorite sitcoms is a mystery to most. “A survey by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) found that of 839 writers currently working on primetime shows, just 55 are black, 11 Latino, 3 Asian-American, and zero Native American, meaning minorities make up just 7 percent of primetime network writers .” Not only are minorities being underrepresented in lead roles of television programs, they are also discriminated throughout the entire business. The s Continue...

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Commercials of all kinds promote products to the public; however some do it at other races expenses. In example, the program Bernie Mac is a sitcom about a black family. Primetime television networks have trouble with casting minority actors into stereotypical roles. Or in the school where Ross teaches, the janitor is Mexican. Although major television corporations in America are working to lessen amounts of racism on television, racism still presides even today. Once caught, the runner is drugged and outfitted in a pair of Nikes, which send him screaming in an effort to remove them . With the discrimination and racism on primetime television networks, American children are discovering the idea of race at a sickeningly early age. Their interactions with white families, mannerisms, and characters as a whole stereotype the black community a great deal. In addition to children acquiring ideas of racial superiority and inferiority, they are also in many ways being told their future possibilities are limited. Yet another section of everyday television in America shows another side of discrimination of minorities. Small parts in television series tend to be where I notice the most racism. Aside from writers and commercials, the bulk of what people consider television is extremely racist. It is especially rare to find a person of color writing for a primarily white program. The stereotyping of characters comes from the writers, especially when corporations are not open to employing writers of different races for the characters.


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