My mothers Dream

             Dreams. What are dreams? Dreams can be the job you want or car you want to drive. Dreams can be who you want to marry or where you want to live. Everyone has dreams. But I believe of all the dreams in the world my mother has one of the simplest ones. Her American dream came true the day I was brought into this world.
             Ever since I was born my mother, Connie Perry, has been there for me, a little more than other mothers have the opportunity to be. My mom worked as a nurse when she was younger but when she had me she quit her job to be a stay at home mom. My father was a coal miner, which pays pretty well around here, so she had the opportunity to quit her job and stay home with me. Unfortunately when I was only five years old my parents got a divorce; the custody was given to me mother. My mothers American dream though was to bring life into this world and to raise her child as well as possible. Although my parents were divorced my mother stayed home with my and we lived off the child support my father paid her monthly.
             My mother has done everything she could to help me in my journey through life. From times when I was young and afraid of the dark. She would bring a chair in my room and sit and watch me until I was asleep. Till middle school when she helped me with my home work and got me so interested with math that one day I plan to become and math teacher for high school students. Till now when I cannot make it into the house without my mom asking me how my day was, cheering me up if it was bad, and asking me if I have any homework and making sure I have it done before I leave the house. My mother has helped me through many obstacles in my life and done her very best to make me happy and raise me to the best of her ability.
             My mother has been a big influence on my American dream; to become a teacher and help students learn more and make something of themselves. Being a mother and a teacher are two extremely...

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