The Harlem Renaissance

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The Affect of the Harlem Renaissance The Harlem Renaissance, an era in an American Literature which produced some of the finest writers. It was a time when African Americans, in a significant number, became more assertive of themselves and racially conscious. The Harlem Renaissance was also a period of enlightenment for other African Americans, showing them that color had nothing to do with intelligence. More than anything else, the Harlem Renaissance was a marker of the shift of Black intellectuals from the South to the urban North and producing writers such as W.E.B. Dubois and Zora Neale Hurston who paved the way for authors such as Alice Walker. William Edward Burghardt DuBois, to his admirers, was by spirited devotion and scholarly dedication, an attacker of injustice and a defender of freedom.( ) He was born on February 23, 1868 in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. DuBois excelled in his studies as a young student but soon became aware that due to the color of his skin he was being judged. This was later reinforced and strengthened by inner withdrawals in the face of real discriminations.( ) DuBois once wrote about being rejected by a white girl back in grade school, “It dawned on me with a certain suddenness Continue...

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To the real question, How does it feel to be a problem I answer seldom a word. She looked to her writing that someday, she will be heard clearly and without question. Eventually Walker adjusted and became the outgoing and intelligent girl she first was. The book was bought out by Warner Brothers and made into a movie directed by Steven Spielberg with an all-star cast and a score written by Quincy Jones. Hurston majors in English and works with the world renowned Columbia anthropologist Franz Boas. ( ) DuBois was near completion of his dissertation in Berlin but needed another semester abroad to finish it. Around this time was when Walker began to read and write a lot. Much of Hurston's writing in "How It Feels To Be Colored Me, expresses what seem to be conflicting ideas of race. Rekeyser had them submitted to an agent of hers who was impressed and had them eventually published. After moving around a bit, staying with her brothers in Jacksonville and Sanford, Hurston settled down in Memphis, Tennessee with her brother Dr. While living in Harlem, New York, Hurston wins second place in the Opportunity awards and meets white writers Annie Nathan Meyer, Fannie Hurst and others. This was the first official study ever done of its type and it produced The Philadelphia Negro and earned DuBois the title Father of Social Science. She cleared out the gravesite and had a new one put in its place which read: Zora Neale Hurston "A Genius of the South Novelist Folklorist 1901-1960 Walker would continue to write and was most well known for her book, The Color Purple. Being yourself and believing in who you are can get you just as far.


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