The consequences of pride

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The Consequences of Pride: Analyzing the Effects of Stubbornness On Tragic Heroes Willfulness, although often considered an admirable quality, can sometimes be the downfall of the those with even the best intentions. In the story of Antigone by Sophocles, we find two tragic heroes, alike in their loyalty to what they believed in, but trapped in a conflict amongst eachother for what they perceived as power. They stuck with the ideas that they believed to be right and ran with them, until it was too late to change. By the end of the play, their obstinate positions had gotten them nowhere except dead or in utter ruin- which proves that one’s pride can sometimes cause more damage than it’s worth. In the case of Antigone, we see a young heroine driven by pride, torn by her loyalty to family and the gods and being punished for defying the state. In her quest to honor her brother, Polynieces, Antigone disregards all laws against burying him to give him a proper burial. This shows her unwillingness to budge when faced with a challenge. And even though this makes Antigone a strong character, her refusal to abide by any laws caus Continue...

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Creon believes that standing his grown, even when he starts to believe he may be wrong, is imperative to be a good leader. Even when no one will stand with her, Antigone does not back down, and is eventually left to die alone. In the end, Creon realizes that he has made the wrong decisions and changes his ways, but he is far too late- the damage is done as a result of his actions. In her pursuit of justice Antigone becomes blinded by her pride, and ultimately pays with her life. In his quest to build the perfect empire, he condemns Antigone, disobeys the laws of the gods, and causes the destruction of himself and his family. He acts solely on his pride, which ultimately leads to the death of his son, his wife, and Antigone. ed her her freedom, and finally her life. An individual's pride can alter their decisions, it can make them do things that they would not have normally done. In lines such as, "No, he Creon has no right to keep me from my own (Sophocles, 59) and "I'll suffer nothing as great as death without glory (112-113) Antigone conveys her defiance of the laws of man to obey what she believes are the laws of the gods, and that she could endure nothing worse than dying without honor. He defends what he believes to be right with all he has, even if it is not. He viewed changing his mind as womanish, or as he viewed it, a weakness. Antigone was a young girl who refused help in her quest to honor what she believed was right, and it cost her her life. Creon has his own internal struggle, however, and he does have some genuinely good qualities. In his conversation with the leader, Creon cries, "Oh, I've learned through blood and tears! ...Oh the agony, the heartbreaking agonies of our lives.


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