The Overwhelming Effects Of Media On Our Lives

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Media is defined as a means of communicating information or transmitting an effect. In North America especially, the media has an influence in virtually every aspect of our lives. It is around constantly by way of advertisements, television, film, radio, and newspapers. It is because we are bombarded daily with all of these media outlets that our lives become shaped by them. The choices we make every day, from what products we purchase to how we decide to vote are influenced by the media. The presence of advertising, like a competition, causes the consumer to make certain choices about what we should purchase and what we should wear. Television and film create a celebrity culture that people envy and attempt to emulate. Similarly radio conveys greatness by popularity. Finally, newspapers do not just report the facts of a story or event but also the skew and view point of the author. Through analysing these aspects of media, how it contributes to our worldview will be highlighted. Media surrounds us constantly and therefore gives us a certain outlook on the world around us. The presence of media is a key source in our environment, everywhere you turn there is an advertisement about something, telling you Continue...

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Advertisements, television, film, radio, and the news, are what we are influenced by everyday and are often topics of conversation. Whether you are riding the bus to school, watching television, or even using a public restroom, you are bombarded with advertisements. Due to stereotypes such as these surrounding us constantly, we tend to generalize all of those groups in real life with similar stereotypes. The news also tends to evoke fear in their stories, which can make you feel uneasy and afraid. An advertisement is not just in form of billboards or television commercials anymore. What the public receives are opinionated facts of the writer, and are presented by other opinionated people in the media. The broadcast or article that you hear a story from, might also leave out bits of information that do not follow the opinion they are trying to express or the side they are taking. The news also only informs you of the stories that they think are important to know about. The artists that are popular are usually around for a few years, (in some cases much less then that) before someone new is introduced to the business, and steals the spotlight and fame away from them. The idea of celebrities as role models is reinforced through other television programs. They benefit by marketing their products to the fearful public and they make it seem as if their product will keep you safe in some way. Although, when the artists are popular the public is able to follow and emulate them, based on the information given to them by all forms of media. Reason being that the reader takes this information as fact. To many, television and film represent reality. Advertising is even more powerful when it a celebrity figure endorses it, which is a regular occurrence.


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