The Overwhelming Effects Of Media On Our Lives

             Media is defined as a means of communicating information or transmitting an effect. In North America especially, the media has an influence in virtually every aspect of our lives. It is around constantly by way of advertisements, television, film, radio, and newspapers. It is because we are bombarded daily with all of these media outlets that our lives become shaped by them. The choices we make every day, from what products we purchase to how we decide to vote are influenced by the media. The presence of advertising, like a competition, causes the consumer to make certain choices about what we should purchase and what we should wear. Television and film create a celebrity culture that people envy and attempt to emulate. Similarly radio conveys greatness by popularity. Finally, newspapers do not just report the facts of a story or event but also the skew and view point of the author. Through analysing these aspects of media, how it contributes to our worldview will be highlighted.
             Media surrounds us constantly and therefore gives us a certain outlook on the world around us. The presence of media is a key source in our environment, everywhere you turn there is an advertisement about something, telling you what you should buy, wear, smell like, and look like. Whether you are riding the bus to school, watching television, or even using a public restroom, you are bombarded with advertisements. An advertisement is not just in form of billboards or television commercials anymore. One can see people every day who are walking advertisements. They wear GAP across their chests, or Nike running shoes on their feet. Seeing all of these forms of advertisement so often, makes society feel that if they do not get the right brand of certain products that they will not be as accepted in society. They may not even realize the reason they feel compelled to buy a certain product is because of the advertising. Advertising is...

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