Checks and Balances

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In the United States Federal Constitution, there is a system specifically designed to prevent one of the three branches from gaining too much power. This system is called Checks and Balances. Over the course of history, there have been many instances where this system has been put into effect. The system of Checks and Balances is very simple yet intricate. For example, if the President [E] isn’t fulfilling his responsibilities as a leader or behaving inappropriately, the Legislative Branch [Congress] can limit him though the power of impeachment (Doc 1). The Judicial Branch can limit his power through the process of judicial review. This is when a justice can declare a law unconstitutional (Doc 6). If Congress [L] is proposing a bill to the President [E] that he feels isn’t in the best interests of the nation, he Continue...

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Then-President Woodrow Wilson had put into the treaty his idea for world peace called the "14 Points. With a new justice in place, over time, there is a chance an earlier decision made by the Supreme Court can be overturned. The President E can also check the power of the Judicial Branch through the appointment of justices. FDR is widely known as one of the three greatest presidents our nation has seen. These new set of laws were referred to as the "New Deal. Many government agencies were created in response. Most often, a bill can not become a law without the consent and ratification of the President (statistics of Presidential vetoes are shown on the chart in Document 3). Congress saw this as an attempt to abuse the executive powers and manipulate the system of Checks and Balances resulting in a negative decision. The treaty was rejected with an isolationist mind-frame. Ironically, if any member-nation had conflict, other members would then be forced to send their troops into a "peace war in which they had no involvement other than belonging to the League of Nations. To the United States Senate, this was seen as a threat to the nation's safety and well-being. The NIRA set up codes for businesses to follow while the AAA was designed to help farmers by paying them to hold off on growing produce. Over time, there have been infamous cases where Checks and Balances have been put into effect. The "New Deal gave government more power to control the economy.


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