Russia in WW1

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What were the effects of World War One on Russia up to but not including February 1917? From 1914 through to 1917 Tsar Nicholas II made himself very unpopular among his people. This was due in big part to the First World War. World War One acted like a catalyst, magnifying Russia’s already bad problems. In 1914 Nicholas was very indecisive, this was because not expecting to be made Tsar so he had no training in decision making, diplomacy or how to rule. He showed this first on Bloody Sunday and again when world war one started. He ignored warnings of political danger and succumb to the pressures of the Duma. One of his first decisions upon entering the war was to order a partial mobilisation of troops against Austria; then when told by his generals that this was unworkable, he ordered general mobilisation. He then cancelled it and let it stand. A perfect example of how indecisive he was. The result of Nicholas’ inability to make decisions was that Russia was thrown into a war it was not prepared for. The lack of equipment, transportation and training left the Russian troops poised for defeat at Tannenburg and almost everywhere else. The war badly effected the lives of people in Russia. It made the poor eve Continue...

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The factories in the cities were taking vital fuel that the people used to heat their homes. Life at home was no better for the Tsar. There were no spare parts for repairs, no food and as the soldiers suffered so did the civilians at home. Nicholas had to deal with the suspicion his wife was under. Nicholas now had to take the blame for every battle lost, every starving child, every cold home and every dead body. His public believed his wife (the Tsarina) to be an adulteress and untrustworthy. She was a German, she belonged to the country that many Russians had fought against and lost their lives to. In 1915 in an attempt to make right his wrong decisions Tsar replaced his brother to become the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian army. The standard of living in Russia went down as peoples living conditions decreased. This meant there were food shortages so the prices of goods were continually rising but wages remained the same. Who was allegedly a ladies man, but was originally a holy man from Siberia. In the end Nicholas' autocracy that he loved so much ended up a burden to him. Millions of male peasants were being conscripted so this left lots of jobs in the factories, jobs that the war had created by needing supplies for the frontline (guns, ammunition etc. Russians were suffering and morale was at an all time low.