The Notebook

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The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks is a very believable story with believable conflict throughout. The main conflict is Allie having to decide if the love and passion she had for Noah as a teen was still there and if it was stronger than the love she had for her fiancé, Lon. “’But I also want a happy ending without hurting anyone. And I know that if I stayed, people would be hurt. I wasn’t lying when I told you that I love him. He doesn’t make me feel the same way you do, but I care for him…’”. She knew who she loved more; there was no doubt, but what would the people that she cared so much about think if she chose to be with Noah? “’...I wa Continue...

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Stereotypes are easy to use on minor characters, so the author has more time to describe the more important characters. I love you and I always have""tm" The conflict makes this story move along. It"tms amazing how well Sparks does this. Dialogue is used in The Notebook to make the story more believable, also. The author lets you know what the characters are thinking or feeling through dialogue and thought. The breeze had stopped, and the clouds grew blacker as the canoe moved toward some unknown destination. "Peaceful silence descended on them. ""tmDo you love Lon"tm "Yes, I do. An osprey cried somewhere in the distance. Imagery is a key element in this story because it keeps you entertained.


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