Beauty and the Beast

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Deceiving Beauty The word, beauty, has always been associated with a benign meaning such as goodness, prettiness, and a physical attraction; whereas, the word, beast, has always been related to malign meaning such as savage, ugliness, and a physical repulsion. To have them put in the same sentence is a paradoxical use of language that arouses my curiosity in the book titled Beauty and the Beast. For a long time, I have been pondering the question of the importance of physical beauty: is physical beauty an essence of love? I want to reach an ultimate realization whether outward appearance was important things to me. Through the reading of Beauty and the Beast, even though I realize that the moral of the story is to prefer “character, virtue, and kindness” to “either beauty or wit” (Hallet 111), I still doubt the possibility of love without physical attraction. Donkey Skin is a child story closer to the reality of the society. I think this may be the reason why this story is not very popular and well heard. Parents doesn’t want to expose the reality of incest and disobedient to their innocent children. Also from my point of view, love, in reality, is only skin-deep; the love relation in D Continue...

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Ugly facial features could also be regarded as captivity, because the chance of meeting opposite sex has been reduced, thus the chance for love has also been reduced. I also found there were a few number of symbols in the book. In Donkey Skin, the prince sees the female protagonist"tms inner physical beauty of the story; the prince discovers the beauty hidden under the ugly donkey skin. It would be more suitable to say that the authors"tm presentations of the beasts are been criticized rather than examined. The Donkey Skin is too stupid to form thoughts of her own and follow others"tm lead; she always asks and obeys her fairy godmother"tms advice (www. I would consider her inner physical beauty as part of inner beauty because this phenomenon was not susceptible to anyone else but the prince. I think protagonists"tm beastshoods are misrepresented by the method of the authors. Disenchantment was the highlight of each of two stories led by love from the lovers. However, I contemplate that the underlying motive of the Beast is based solely on a manipulation if analyzed carefully. In the Beauty and the Beast, the prince turns into the Beast; this phenomenon could be explained as liberation. In Donkey Skin, the author portrays that it was essential for female to disenchant herself and reveal the physical glamour before the princess would show the interest in her. On the other hand, the story of Donkey Skin tells me prince only love someone through physical attraction. The Beast is indeed a hypocrite because his respectable act is only superficial; after giving one food, lodge, and money, an actual benevolent being would never despoil one"tms daughter for losing just one little flower (Hallet 103).


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"Beauty and the Beast,". "Beauty and the Beast," the 1946 film directed by Jean Cocteau, is considered a masterpiece by critics and viewers alike. (843 3 )

Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast. "Beauty and the Beast," the 1946 film directed by Jean Cocteau, is considered a masterpiece by critics and viewers alike. (843 3 )

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Disney's Beauty & the Beast. In Beauty and the Beast, for instance, the primary variation is on images of beauty and the meaning of them. (1447 6 )

Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast. In Beauty and the Beast, for instance, the primary variation is on images of beauty and the meaning of them. (1697 7 )

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