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Ghost house ( Metaphoric)

Robert Frost was born in San-Francisco on March 24, 1874. When Frost got older he started to write poems in any region. When his father pasted in 1887 the family left California and moved to Massachusetts. He went to high school and entered Dartmouth College but only stayed for less than a year. After he left he worked as a news reporter and teacher. In 1894 he sold “my butterfly”. A year later he married Ms. Elinor White. From 1897to 1899 Mr. Frost attended Harvard College as a special student. The next ten years he rarely published poems. New Hampshire supplemented his income by teaching at Derry’s Pinkerton Academy. At the age of 38 he sold his farm for a trip to England. In England he devoted himself to writing poetry. His effort to establish himself and his work were almost successful. In 1915 he wrote “A Boy’s Will”. This book was accepted by a London publisher. “A Boys Will” was brought out in 1913. Mr. Frost was more impressed and influenced by Lascelles Abercrombie, Rupert brook, and T.E. Hulme who’s rural subjects and style were Flore in keeping with his own. While living near the Georgians in Gloucestershire. Frost Became close to Mr. Tomas. He dedicated his first and only volume of verse to Mr. Frost before his death on January 29, 1963. In conclusion, Mr. Robert Frost spent of his life doing the one thing he loved most, which was composing pomes. Mr. Frost was a very hard working man and a loving poet. He has several famous books of poems. Through his poems Robert continue to reach the young poets in our youth today; his thoughts yet lives. ...

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