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As I told in the first project, I have a twin-sister. As most twins do, we also have a lot of similarities, both in terms of our character and physical appearence. However, that does not mean that we get along perfectly all the time. The thing is, we don’t need to build empathy in our relationship because we have somehow or other a telepathic affinity. I mean, the empathy arises from our similar way of thinking, knowing each other very well and the ability to guess what the other one feels at the moment. There’ve been many times that we mentioned a sentence with the same word choice and word order. This aspect of our relationship enables the adoption of the perspective of the other part. However, we sometimes do not put ourselves in the other one’s situation intentionally, what causes some disputes between us. Most of the time , we can communicate nonverbal very easily. Even with a single eye-contact, I know what she’s thinking; or with a small lip-move, I can guess whether she’s angry or having fun. I can give a funny example for this. Before she is gone abroad for university education, she was living with us. We shared the same room. SEÇİL Continue...


    the man
    .... she would not be likely to find me until she does tire of the relationship. .... children, so I have to keep up the "goody-goody" act until my sister relieves me of .... (803 3 )

    Riding the Bus With My Sister
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    Write about an event or occurrence- describing it physically
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    Indian community
    .... My sister is also involved in many religious performances like "Garba," which is .... community greatly interacts with me in the terms of my relationship towards my .... (853 3 )

We only tell our own ideas, and leave the rest to the other part. It was the voice of "how is the weather today". We"tmre acquainted even with the smallest thing in our lives. Our communication is not only via mail, also via chat, via phone call, via web-cam, via photos, via videos, via everything61514;). SeASil and I have visited different high schools. There"tms no lies in our relationship. Not surprisingly, both of us knew what it meant. We like to get dressed in a sportive way, listen to the same kind of music, don"tmt like to be in crowded places. That means, I try to understand the way she feels not only from her words also from her gestures and postures. Ofcourse when our communication is via chat, I"tmm limited to her words, however even there I try to get feedback from the time interval between two lines she wrote. The secret of our relationships lies maybe in that point. As I said before, she"tms interested in political and economical issues, but this is maybe because her major: "International Economics and Politics". On the contrary, I want to see myself in future, doing a job which involves high interaction with people from different backgrounds. Even I know that SeASil will get angry with what I say, I don"tmt hesitate to say it.


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