As I told in the first project, I have a twin-sister. As most twins do, we also have a lot of similarities, both in terms of our character and physical appearence. However, that does not mean that we get along perfectly all the time.
             The thing is, we don’t need to build empathy in our relationship because we have somehow or other a telepathic affinity. I mean, the empathy arises from our similar way of thinking, knowing each other very well and the ability to guess what the other one feels at the moment. There’ve been many times that we mentioned a sentence with the same word choice and word order. This aspect of our relationship enables the adoption of the perspective of the other part. However, we sometimes do not put ourselves in the other one’s situation intentionally, what causes some disputes between us.
             Most of the time , we can communicate nonverbal very easily. Even with a single eye-contact, I know what she’s thinking; or with a small lip-move, I can guess whether she’s angry or having fun. I can give a funny example for this. Before she is gone abroad for university education, she was living with us. We shared the same room.
             SEÇİL ME When we woke up early morning, regularly one of us used to give out such a voice, that sounded like asking something but without words. Not surprisingly, both of us knew what it meant. It was the voice of “how is the weather today?”. Thereupon, the asked one openned the curtain and the answer followed: “Sunny” or “Cloudy”. That affirms the particular characteristic of interpersonal communication: “It does not need to involve words”.
             As the book mentions, “Every person has a unique perceptual filtering system, although there is some cultural overlap.” I agree this very much. Although we’re twins we also have our own way of perception. Seçil and I have visited dif

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