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A Fish Story

Lessons learned by reading A Fish Story Abstract The Fish Story (Scudder, Samuel J. 1874 in Downing, Skip. 2005) is about a college professor teaching his class to dig deeper to find more answers without supervision. The lesson these students learned was to strive to find as many answers as they could on their own. This pertains to everyday life as well. By being left on their own to find pertinent facts about a fish, I believe these students learned a lot about finding facts in every aspect of their lives. A Fish Story There are always lessons to be learned in college. A perfect example of this can be found in a “Fish story” (Scudder, Samuel J. 1874 in Downing, Skip. 2005). This is a very enlightening story that I was assigned to read. In this short story a college professor asked his class to observe a small fish on a plate. The students, left to observe the fish on their own, of course thought the professor crazy. They didn’t understand why the professor left or what he actually wanted them to do. Some students even wondered why he was being paid to teach. During the first class, the students only observed the obvious. They only wrote notes on the size of the fish or about what color the plate was that the fish was on. The following class the professor asked the class to once again observe the fish. This time, the students tried a little harder and by using a book found in the class room, they wrote down a few more observations. It wasn’t until the third class when the professor asked the same thing of them that they actually took time to really look at the fish. At this point they completed detailed notes on it; such as color, smell and its measurements. I believe that the students figured out that by only observing the obvious during the previous classes, they missed a lot of important details. By reading this story I learned several lessons about college as well as life. Too many time...

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