The Lottery

             An author in several ways can reveal themes. Every reader interprets and recognizes different themes that are wicker in the story. The author places an emphasis on elements such as setting, point of view, or symbols that have a huge influence on how effective a story is. In the short story, The Lottery by Shirley Jackson, she uses these elements to provide this story with challenging themes and an unforgettable ending. Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery,” is one of the most famous controversial stories in American Literature. Jackson writes a story regarding a village of people who annually hold a so-called “lottery”. With irony, character, symbolism, point of view and setting, Jackson engulfs the audience in a strange atmosphere of wonder and awe. We notice many obscurities that spawn as the event draws nearer. Although the story is extremely complex, it proves to be a unique narrative that will continue to puzzle countless individuals.
             The main reason why this story is so effective is because of the shock it produces at the end. This is achieved through Jackson’s use of elements such as the plot, character, tone, style, and setting. The plot of the story is so simple and straightforward. It is presented in a way so that it seems “to lack sufficient complication to be interesting…yet the story makes a very powerful impact, and the handling of plot and character must finally be judged, in terms of the story’s development, to be very skillful” (Brooks and Warren 72). There is no conflict or struggle. The Lottery is simply about “the drawing of lots to determine which citizen of the village shall be stoned to death” (Brooks and Warren 72). It is just about which person gets the unlucky chance of getting picked to be the victim. In addition to the plot being simple, there are not many details about the characters. It is difficult to distinguish them from anyone else and so “it becomes clear that they r...

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