Delinquent Devil

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Delinquent Devil In the well-known Shakespearean play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, an imbalance of love occurs when one woman, Hermia, has the heart of two men, Demetrius and Lysander, while another woman, Helena, loves Demetrius, but isn’t loved in return. There is much love confusion in the play and one character is accredited for many malevolent acts. Although there isn’t a definite main character or protagonist, he is considered to play the role of the most important character in the script throughout the playwright. He is frequently performing mischievous acts for the sake of his own entertainment and he is also to blame for much of the plays love mix-ups. Throughout the play, he controls the symbol of the love juice. This very juice represents the undeniably powerful nature of love, which can lead to inexplicable and bizarre behavior and cannot be resisted. This character is none other than the one and only Robin Goodfellow. Referred to also as Puck, which ironically means ‘devil’, he is a master prankster and a clumsy user of magic. The mistakes caused by Puck are “honest” as is pleaded to Oberon, but he delights in the chaos created by these very mistakes. He is noted for scaring the maidens in the village Continue...

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However, Puck is a free creature and is able to poke fun whenever and wherever he wishes; he is not always in the hands and will of the fairy King. These explanations of Pucks misdeeds portray him to be more of an outgoing teenager, whose life has no purpose, but to have fun and laugh at the people he messes with, including Bottom, of whom he turns his head into that of an ass, which provides for some of the plays double-edged comedy. He is a witty little spirit that is a key element in the storyline and development of the play's progression and ending. Furthermore Puck is Oberon's jester and servant and as such Oberon is his closest companion in the play and the King of the fairies is most likely the only real "friend that Puck has. Love has not a certain course to be led, but Puck is able to manipulate his course and to make his own decisions on the way. Puck is an independent yet caged character that I wouldn't change a thing about, except to allow him more freedom to create more mystical mayhem in the forest and even within the walls of Athens. , stealing cream from the top of the milk, screwing up the flour mills, and frustrating housewives by keeping their milk from turning to butter; he is also guilty of keeping the beer from foaming up as it should and causing people to get lost at night and laughing at them. He is a prankster and he does not take guilt in his humorous misdeeds and accidents throughout the play. The people he is good to call him "Hobgoblin and "sweet Puck. Love is not a joke that Puck is playing the part of, he is the good and the bad decisions of love; sometimes being passive to the mistakes that occur as he did when he put the "love juice on Lysander instead of Demetrius, but also fixes these mistakes for the better of the people as he did by the end of the play, turning Bottom's head back to normal and righting Titania's heart. He serves Oberon and is assigned to take a purple flower that was struck by Cupid's arrow and is commanded to correct Demetrius, but ends up wreaking love havoc on many people. He is an admirable creature to the foolish comedian and his acts are to be remembered. Love has ways that are unchanging and must occur in order for things to take place, but there are other things that can be altered to better the situation or even have a little more fun with what is to come. Even till the end his remarks and actions are enjoyable and he is a very entertaining character.


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