In my childhood years, birthday is the most important event in my life that I
             always look forward to celebrate. Here is the picture on my 7th birthday. I always have
             a big birthday bash and it wouldn't be possible if not because of my grandmother who
             is standing on my left side and my aunts,too. I am very greatful to have them around,
             because they were there for me when I was growing up. Eventhough my parents can't be
             there, I always feel very special and happy and I wouldn't change any of it. I remembered
             that on the night before my birthday, I was crying because I can't find one of my dolls.
             I get mad at everybody because it is one of my favorite dolls and I've looked everywhere
             and it's still missing. However, the next day I was so surprised that it is on top of my
             birthday cake as part of the decorations. That really brings smiles to my face and I am not
             only enjoying my birthday but i also felt relieve that I have my doll back. I will never
             forget those moments and now, every time my birthday is coming and one of my doll is
             missing, I knew who to blame for- my aunt MaryAnn but definitely no more tears.
             I was very happy to see all my friends. More than a dozen boys and girls
             came on my birthday. They also decorated the whole entire place with balloons and with
             bunch of candies. It is wonderful and more than I could ever imagine. All my favorite
             foods were served. We also played games and dance contest were all my friends enjoyed
             a lot. I told my grandmother and aunt that it's a dream come true. In every walk of life, it
             is different for every person but I'm just very thankful that all my birthdays are fun and I
             have a family who loves me and who makes me feel the luckiest girl on earth.

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