I Robot

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The story I Robot was a scientific book that is based on a planet that was run by robots. They helped around the house, ran errands and also provided protection for the families they worked for without harming other humans. It starts with the first Robot being created and the world is being run perfectly. Only one person there believes that these Robots would be the reason that the world would go wrong. His suspicion was let out once falsely accusing a Robot of stealing someone’s purse. The Robot was running down the street but it was only retrieving someone’s inhaler that was suffering from an asthma attac Continue...

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That only led to the revolution of the Robots. Nothing would accompany him but some old parts of Robots and maybe some new ones. When the main character had words with the virtual spirit of the murdered professor he was in some instances warned. Sooner or later they would be able to think on their own, react in their own ways and also they would be able to survive with less usage of resources than humans and that would give them the advantage and opportunity to take over and no one would be able to stop them. Many clues foretold this event but no one saw it but him. He was thrown from a window that leads to a room that had a security access code to enter and no one or nothing was there while he worked. CONNECTIONS: I didn't see any connections between this story and real life. That showed that that the main character in this story was correct in thinking that the Robots would at some point lose it and start to revolutionize. When the company decided to upgrade the Robots a man mysteriously ended up murdered. That's when the word got out that he was totally against the Robots. But I do believe that if our world or even country was being run by something that is computerized then the world would go wrong very fast. The only thing that was able to stop these Robots revolution was the main character being able to kill the mainframe of these new model Robots.


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