Change is good

             Change is good. Although some would disagree, most of the time change comes because the state we were in was bad. Over the course of our lives we go through many transformations, as we become exposed to new things that change our outlook on life. In the play A Doll House, written by Hernrik Ibsen each character goes through a transformation.
             In the play we find a character by the name of Nora, this character seems to be a very dependent on her husband Trovald. Nora is preparing to attend the costume party that is going to be held at Consul Stenber’s upstairs. We see that Nora is very dependent on Torvald for a lot of things. Torvald tells Nora what to wear to the party and even what to dance at the party, “Torvald wants me to go as Neapolitan’s fisher girl and dance the tarantella.”(pg.990). Through most of the play we see how Torvald treated Nora as a child. The way he address Nora is very similar to the way a father would address a child, calling her his “Adorable little songbird.”(pg.****) . We read that Torvald directs himself to Rank and said “The child will have her way” (pg.1005). Which really surprises me because Nora does not say a word in her defense. Little by little we see a transformation in Nora as she gets closer to becoming independent, and evidence of the change is seen when we read about Nora asking Krogstad for a loan, and she forges her fathers signature. She gets jobs secretly to pay back her debt, all behind her husband’s back. Then we see that krogstad begins threatening Nora. He said that he was going to tell her husband the truth about what Nora had done, unless she tells Mr.Helmer not to fire him. This frightens Nora at first but she believes that “The Wonderful” will happen, this meaning that when her husband find out about what Nora has done he will save Nora and take the blame for her. But to Nora’s surprise “The Wonderful” does not happen. When her husband finds

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