Simon relationship with christ in lord of the flies

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The complex character of Simon in The Lord of the Flies is in many ways a Christ-like figure. He has a deep connection with the environment, acts much more saintly and selfless than the other boys that accompany him on the island, and eventually dies a sacrificial death. Simon is the only character that represents goodness on the island. Simon has a compelling hallucination in which the severed sow’s head known as The Lord of the Flies speaks to him and tells him that Simon will never be able to escape him, for he lies within all human beings. Afterwards, he claims that he will have some “fun” with Simon, which could foreshadow his death. Also, in the bible “The Lord of the Flies” is the translated into the name Beelzebub, which means “a powerful demon in hell sometimes thought to be the devil himself.” These examples show that Simon uniquely has some connection with Christ in the novel. First of all, Simon has an unusual and mystical relationship with the environment. His glade in the jungle could represent the Garden of Eden, Continue...

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Simon's interest for 2 nature sets him apart from the other boys and further relates him to Christ. His conversation with the Lord of the Flies can be compared with the confrontation between Jesus and the devil during Jesus' forty days in the wilderness, as described in the bible. Unlike in the situation of Christ's death, the island continues to believe in the possibility of a beast that inhabits the island. Because he had epilepsy, he could be compared to a divine figure because people with epilepsy's seizures were once thought to give them the power of insight to knowledge unknown to those without the condition. He is the only boy to realize that the "beast is the intangible monster that exists in us all. The halo gives him the quality of being holy or an angel. After Simon discovers the truth about the so-called "beast, and that it is not real, he gives up his life while trying to inform the other boys. which is a good place in the beginning, but is later plagued by evil. This fear causes them to ultimately go insane. In the case of the island, evil is introduced in the form of the pig's head, otherwise known as The Lord of the Flies. During a very loud and psychotic dance around a campfire, Simon was running frantically down the mountain to bring the others his message. But unlike Christ, Simon's death does not bring salvation to the boys and the island, and instead causes them the further plunge into deeper savagery. This fear starts to control the boys and turn them to savages. As they see Simon crawling out of the forest to bring them his message, they mistake him for the beast and murder him in panic.