Differences Between The Two Political Parties

             The Democratic and the Republican Parties are often thought to be one and the same. Although the two parties might seem to share some common ground, both political parties take very different stances on important issues. The Democratic and Republican Parties have two opposing ideologies and approach government in their own distinct manner.
             The Democratic Party is seen as the more liberal party of the two. They take a much more liberal stance, especially when it comes to social issues like civil rights, right to choice, and gay rights. The Democratic Party is also known for tending to support increased government activity especially in the area of social welfare. Franklin D Roosevelt solidified this ideal. His programs became the base of the Democratic Party for some time. To this day some of his principles and aid programs are still advocated by Democrats. Most Democrats believe that the government should maintain a minimum standard of living. In recent years however, Bill Clinton has moved the Democratic Party more towards the center. However, he did stay true to the democratic ideals and did invoke the “work for welfare” program. Democrats are viewed by working people, women, seniors, African-Americans, Hispanics, and consumers as the advocates for just and equitable working conditions, for civil rights, for protecting the environment, for reproductive freedom, for gun control, for education, for public health, and for humanitarian social policy. These people make up the majority of the Democrats coalition.
             The Republican Party has become know to be a much more conservative party on all issues. Republicans are known to take a “lassie faire” approach to government in regards to domestic policy. When it comes to the economy and social issues, the Republicans believe there should be minimal government involvement. They believe “the government that governs least, governs best.” The Republican Party prea...

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