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The bonds with your family have more of an impact on your personality than you may be aware. A large portion of your personality is a result of your siblings and the order in which you are born. Your parents’ interaction with you is unknowingly biased by the order of your birth. Some research suggests this may result in predictable personality traits. Therefore, how does the order of your birth affect your personality and your siblings? Well, not only does it affect how your personality is formed, it also has a long term effect on your interactions with other people. Vast generalization becomes a problem with birth order; this is due to the fact that everyone’s family situation is different. Just like all fingerprints are different, your personality is unique and complex. But research has helped to support the belief that how you are placed and treated in your family can have a lifelong effect on your behavior. Naturally, first born will be leaders, middle will be mediators, and the youngest will most often be the babies, but if more than three years separate you from your siblings, theses typical generalizations no longer apply (Adler). Sub groups of personality traits form when your age and sex are factors. After three yea Continue...

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He was right; such a large part of ourselves is dependent on our family and the environment in which we grew up. She is a responsible and competent worker and knows how to get things done. On the other hand, if you are the youngest during your childhood, but before your personality is completely formed you become the middle child, you will now have compound traits of both the youngest and middle child (Adler). rs you can be both the youngest and only child if your sex is a factor. Hollywood has seen such baby faces as Eddie Murphy, Goldie Hawn, Billy Crystal, Joan Rivers, Danny DeVito, Drew Carey, Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, and Jim Carey to name a few (Lemar 18). She can be anything from sporadic to excellent in her accomplishments, sissy to tomboy at home. Internal and external circumstances, which are almost never under her control, determine her mood. The youngest sister of sisters is adventurous and enjoys a colorful life. But in my relationship with a first born and a second born, the first born tends to be at the mercy of the second born psychologically. Due to the fact that they are generally surrounded by adults as children, they will prefer to have adult company for the remainder of their childhood. In contrast, the oldest sister of sisters is independent and knows how to stand on her own two feet. Remember that fight you had with your younger brother last week Well, did you know that something as simple as that fight can also have a huge impact on the rest of your life The biggest cause of sibling rivalry in a household is jealousy over the love and attention that siblings receive from parents and other adults or household role models. Another example of first born in leadership positions were the seven astronauts on the space shuttle Mercury. Parents of adopted children are usually so overjoyed to have a child that the child is treated as the baby and becomes spoiled. Coming from this position I feel that this is partly due to the fact that you spend a large portion of your home life doing for others and keeping the family balanced.


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BIRTH ORDER AND ACHIEVEMENT Problem Statement In. Ornstein (1994, pp. 59-61) reported that birth order can affect personalities. Harrigan and Finch (1992, pp. (605 2 )

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Birth Order & Success in Management Purpose of the Study. 59-61) reported that birth order can affect personalities. Harrigan and Finch (1992, pp. (2338 9 )