Birth Order

             The bonds with your family have more of an impact on your personality than you may be aware. A large portion of your personality is a result of your siblings and the order in which you are born. Your parents’ interaction with you is unknowingly biased by the order of your birth. Some research suggests this may result in predictable personality traits. Therefore, how does the order of your birth affect your personality and your siblings? Well, not only does it affect how your personality is formed, it also has a long term effect on your interactions with other people.
             Vast generalization becomes a problem with birth order; this is due to the fact that everyone’s family situation is different. Just like all fingerprints are different, your personality is unique and complex. But research has helped to support the belief that how you are placed and treated in your family can have a lifelong effect on your behavior. Naturally, first born will be leaders, middle will be mediators, and the youngest will most often be the babies, but if more than three years separate you from your siblings, theses typical generalizations no longer apply (Adler). Sub groups of personality traits form when your age and sex are factors. After three years you can be both the youngest and only child if your sex is a factor.
             For example, if you are the only girl among all boys, brothers tend to act as your protectors, but if you are the only boy among girls, you are probably going to spend a lot of time proving your masculinity. On the other hand, if you are the youngest during your childhood, but before your personality is completely formed you become the middle child, you will now have compound traits of both the youngest and middle child (Adler). Adopted children are also in a sub group. Although they can be in any order, first and only children are the most common. But these are not the traits they usually retain. Parents of adopted children are usually...

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