Quality of Healthcare

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“The Quality of Health Care” is based on the performance of health care today. Although the article shows slight improvement in healthcare in the U.S. today, it is still not good enough. There are still many preventable sick days and deaths in America today. However this seems to be a biased sample because it only provides stats on the providers that publicly report their performance. This sample only represents about 25% of health care. What about the other 75%? If all hea Continue...

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I do not understand why the Donald Trumps of America can get better health care than John Doe off the street. lth care providers were required to report their performances, would there be better care for everyone Even though the report shows that there is a slight improvement, the improvement is only for the best insurance coverage. I believe that "all health care should be standardized, that everyone should be able to get the best health care regardless of income or policy protection. What I find the scariest is that the majority of the best health coverage and care is east of the Mississippi. What happened to the rest of the Country Does it not matter Do we need to improve legislation or simply improve the health care system Something drastically has to change. The same is true for low income child care. This is mainly because of the affordability of coverage. I also, think that is it horrific that only people with great coverage get the best care. I personally do not think that it is right, that in any society of people can not get quality health care. Our country is one of the only in the free world that does not have standard medical care or provide health care to everyone. I do understand that improvements have been made and that there is health care for the elderly, not that it is great but does exist. There is no reason for up to 76,000 unnecessary deaths or over 66 million avoidable sick days in America due to inadequate health care. However that still leaves approximately 50 of the population uncovered with adequate health coverage.


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