Black Elk Speaks

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According to The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition, leadership is defined as “one who has the ability or capacity to lead others.” However, I tend to slightly disagree with that assertion. I believe that there is so much more to leadership than just the ability to lead others. To me it is willing those around you to become better. It is making others believe in something they had little or no faith in before. Leadership is the ability to make others feel that achieving anything is possible. The novel by Neihardt and Black Elk, Black Elk Speaks, is an empowering autobiography of a leader who deserves to be acknowledged. I could not think of a better way then by this book. It’s insight and amazing story of the leader of the Sioux tribe, Black Elk, is impressive. His faith, heart, and courage are all tested but not once does anything break his character. Black Elk Speaks dealt a great deal with the interaction man has with nature. The traditional Sioux way of life depended on the relationship man had with nature. A great amount of regard was to be held toward the cycle of the season and animal life to be able to secure food, clothing and shelter. When the Native Americans lived Continue...

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    Black Elk Speaks
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    .... Bibliography** Neihardt, John G.; Black Elk Speaks; 1989; the life story of a beloved Holy Man of the Oglala Sioux. Black Elk; Glen .... (509 2 )

This autobiography of a great leader is a must read. Society makes a good thing look ugly, they associate black magic or evil doings with these beliefs witch in reality have little to no involvement according to what you are trying to do. Thunder indicates rain or bad weather and when Black Elk hears thunder he knows he will be contacted by the Spirits, when it begins to rain towards the end of the novel this validates his beliefs. If anyone were to ask what book they should read in their lifetime Neihardt Black Elk's, Black Elk Speaks is a no question answer. He was strong through out his whole life even when he was wounded in the aftermath of the massacre at Wounded Knee. Decades later, we still believe our interaction with something, especially nature, determines our outcome. This is a great book, and I would read it over again. His faith helped him through his troubled emotions, for he prayed and was answered. He felt that he had helped individuals but had failed his nation as a whole. In the Spanish religions we also pray to many different Saints as the Sioux to the Spirits according to what we are asking for. When the whites decided to migrate west, it had a greater consequence then expected, especially to the Indians. Voices of thunder and flying men in Black Elk's vision take him through the sky to a tepee made of clouds with a rainbow for a door. Prayers, offerings, and acknowledgments to any spirit or saint can help anyone with problems they are trying to fix. After years of struggle he began to feel unworthy of his vision.


In Black Elk Speaks
In Black Elk Speaks. In Black Elk Speaks, as told through John G. Neihardt (Flaming Rainbow), we read primarily of what Black Elk (826 3 )

Black Elk Speaks
Black Elk Speaks. Black Elk Speaks (2000) is more than a history of the plains Indians of the latter 19th century. Black Elk Speaks. (943 4 )

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The Plains Indians & Black Elk. Black Elk Speaks (2000) is more than a history of the plains Indians of the latter 19th century. Black Elk Speaks. (943 4 )

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In Black Elk Speaks, as told through John G. Neihardt (Flaming Rainbow), we read primarily of what Black Elk of the Oglala Sioux calls "the things of the Other (1695 7 )

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9. The notion of Black Elk as a messianic figure comes, in a great part from chapter 21 of Niehardt's Black Elk Speaks, as this chapter, subtitled "The Messiah (2644 11 )