People React differently to death

             People react differently to death then others, depending on the person and the situation. Some people go into depression, denial, and sadness when they know death is coming for them or someone they know. “Annabel Lee” by; Edgar Alan Poe represents sadness when his wife dies. “Incident In The Rose Garden” by; Donald Justice represents him going into denial because he thought death was coming for him. If you know that death is coming for you, you will be more worried then if you don’t know it’s coming
             “Annabel Lee” by; Edgar Alan Poe represents his sadness of his wife’s death. Her death came to her when she died instantly of tuberculosis. He blames the angles for her death. He went into denial and blamed everyone, and anything for her death instead of her sickness. He instantly reacts to her death by going to the sea every day. When he looks up at the stars they remind them of her.
             “Incident In the Rose Garden” by; Donald Justice proves that people react to death in many different ways. The gardener reacts to death by leaving the garden and doing all the things he likes and wants to do. On the other hand the master is more excepting to death more then the gardener. The master is more excepting because he knows it’s coming and chooses not to run from it.
             In conclusion, people react differently to death if they know it is coming. There are many different reactions to death in “Annabel Lee” and in “The Incident In The Rose Garden”. The speaker in “Annabel Lee” goes into sadness. He blames every one for her death except her sickness. The gardener in “Incident In The Rose Garden” thinks death is coming for him so he doesn’t know how to react. A lot of people go into denial when they know there going to die.

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