An Unforgettable Experience

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An unforgettable experience is an event that has a great impact on a person’s life. It can also be something that can change a life for ever. My unforgettable experience is when I became a Christian. August 5, 1999: that’s when I decided that I wanted to become a Christian. My church always has programs such as bible study, getting to know about God and the bible is for young people ranging from age twelve to eighteen. This young people programs include camping and taking little trips to other churches this usually happens on Easter weekend in April. “We have speakers from all over the United States and Canada.” This program is not only to have f Continue...

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It was very difficult for me to take this big step because I knew all my friends would look at me differently and try to influence me to go back. I have been going to these camps ever since I was twelve years old. I have found becoming a Christian has been my true unforgettable experience and its something that will always be apart of my life. I became a Christian in September of 1999, and until this day I'm still a child of God. I know being a Christian can be hard at times but if you believe anything is possible. I think becoming a Christian has changed my life drastically. Even though we got counseling at the camp, after we returned, the ministry at the church kept a four week bible counseling just to make sure we were ready. I suddenly thought that maybe I had come to a point where it was time to take a stand and face the world differently. My grandmother always tells me that following Christ and becoming a baptized Christian will lead me in the right way. It was a slow process for me because I think that a person should not rush into something like baptizing. After all those years going camping and hearing the speakers talk and tell us everything we should know about being a Christian. My unforgettable experience that has had a lasting influence on me and made my life better.


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